Warehouse Pranks – Whispers of the Dragon

Excerpt from Chapter 1 of "Whispers of the Dragon" “Maxmillian Rottweiler! You big miscreant! Get back here and face your fate!” Max laughed and ducked behind the shipping crates. Toryo snickered and punched his beefy arm. “You’re just too darn recognizable, Max! And slow, too! Don’t let them catch us! Sir James will be beside [...]

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The Golden Goshawk – Whispers of the Dragon

Excerpt from Chapter 10 of "Whispers of the Dragon" The Golden Goshawk was a classic Landish trade road inn. It was large, with encompassing, defensible walls big enough to hold all the people, animals, and wagons of two or three merchant trains at once. Rooms inside the main building offered a comfortable night’s rest, with [...]

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