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Project Description

Gayle Magnuson is a mutant. She is also a superhero, an international pop star, and a young woman trying to stay normal in a world that is anything but. This is a collection of stories that tells Gayle’s tale from the day she lost her mother to an alien invasion up through the release of her second rock music CD. Coming to Venture City from the Midwest, Gayle recovers from the grief and depression following her mother’s death and makes a place for herself in a world of where mutants, magic, villainous masterminds, and high-tech wonders are everyday occurrences. This is a prequel to A Wing and a Prayer. Written in the spirit of the City of Heroes MMORPG, The Secret World Chronicles, Arrow, The Flash, The Avengers, Iron Man, and many other works of comic book-based heroic science fiction. Overall, the stories that make up A Strong, Strong Wind are rated Teen or Young Adult for subject matter and language. They have an even stronger flavor of the original City of Heroes game than A Wing and a Prayer, and set the stage for what Venture City was to become.

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