All Forests are One 2017-04-28T07:25:08-06:00

Project Description

The faerie world doesn’t often concern itself with mortal affairs, but that changes when the Dark Court finds a hero standing in the way of its plans. Sheena Gardner, a game warden-turned-superhero with the powers of an ancient Sumerian goddess, is caught up at the center of otherworldly threats when she receives a mysterious warning from a nature spirit in northern Wisconsin. Sheena and her mutant pop star friend, Gayle, have to uncover the plot behind the threat to the forests of the world. The heroines investigate, winding their way deeper and deeper into the layers of misdirection and magic woven about an ancient conflict by the Unseighlie fey. This time, merely changing the time stream will not stop the schemes of the dark faeries. Sheena and Gayle need supernatural help to prevent darkness from infecting the souls of humanity. To end the real threat, Sheena has to overcome her imposter syndrome and ask for help before a betrayer seals their fates forever. Written in the spirit of the City of Heroes MMORPG, The Secret World Chronicles, Arrow, The Flash, The Avengers, Iron Man, and many other works of comic book-based heroic science fiction.

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