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The Tranquility Chip is a near-future science-fiction story that combines brain science, politics, espionage, cyberwarfare, military action, romance, and human interest in one novel. This future is less than 30 years away, and it is entirely possible under the current trajectories of science, technology, and politics. By accident of timing, the story is a statement about current politics, but it is more a celebration of ordinary people in extraordinary conditions making heroic choices to support American democratic principles. Take a look.

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Synopsis: The Tranquility Chip  (Steve Semler)

July, 2044: The tranquility chip, a new-tech brain implant device no bigger than a sunflower seed, allows users to dampen the human “fight or flight” reaction, giving the rational mind an edge. The chip and the techniques surrounding this enhanced brain discipline have given rise to the first viable third political party in the US in more than a century. But, with so much riding on it and the presidential election looming, what if a programmer and a rogue intelligence officer discovered that somebody hacked the chip? Where can you turn when your brain is no longer safe?

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