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I have not been making frequent updates to this blog site. Most people I have talked to are following my writing announcements on Facebook. I have been publishing excerpts and work-in-progress snippets through DeviantArt. Let me know--Would you like me to post more things here on the SDP site? --Steve

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Solve for Ex – Short Story

By Steve Semler Revision: 10/29/2017 10:41 PM Copyright © 2017 by Steve Semler. All rights reserved.   Maxmillian Rottweiler stopped mid-stride in the center of the empty trade road. Something he couldn’t quite place drew his head to the left. He squinted through the dusk at the building before him. The big warrior’s sandy-blond brows [...]

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Review: The Beechwood Flute

What can I be when the world won't let me be what I want? "The Beechwood Flute" is a must-read for thoughtful fantasy lovers. Written by Pendred Noyce, the setting is rich, the characters realistic and engaging, and the challenges the protagonist, Kiran, faces are all too real. The reader gets caught up immediately in [...]

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The Tranquility Chip – Published and Available on Amazon!

  The Tranquility Chip is a near-future science-fiction story that combines brain science, politics, espionage, cyberwarfare, military action, romance, and human interest in one novel. This future is less than 30 years away, and it is entirely possible under the current trajectories of science, technology, and politics. By accident of timing, the story is a [...]

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All Forests are One – Available on Amazon

All Forests are One now in print! All Forests are One Amazon Kindle ebook: All Forests are One paperback:   All Forests are One  (Steve Semler) The faerie world doesn’t often concern itself with mortal affairs, but that changes when the Dark Court finds a hero standing in the way of its plans. [...]

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Your Head has been Hacked – Tranquility Chip Snippet

I think everybody in the room was chipped, so the tension wasn’t as thick as you might imagine. Still, we were all highly “anticipatory.” Our devices alerted us to the received update as it came through our various service providers to each of us. We downloaded each file and checked it. I ran the comparisons [...]

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